Why Should You Buy a Fishing Rod Made from Carbon Fibre?

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Why Should You Buy a Fishing Rod Made from Carbon Fibre?

24 March 2017
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It doesn't matter how many new fishing accessories are introduced as the years go by, your rod will always remain the most important part of your kit. With that in mind, it clearly makes sense to pay particular attention to every factor involved in fishing rod selection, and one of the most important concerns will be the type of material your rod is made from.

There are a number of choices, but many fishermen will benefit from using a carbon fibre rod.

Carbon fibre rods offer exceptional sensitivity

If there's one central benefit that comes with using a carbon fibre rod, it is that this material is exceptionally sensitive. This sensitivity is down to the fact that carbon fibre is a very light material, and it makes these rods excellent for catching smaller and lighter fish. The movement from each catch will create vibrations more easily, so you won't miss a catch simply because it wasn't perceptible at the right time. Other rods, especially fibreglass, are a lot heavier, so they don't come with this advantage.

Carbon fibre rods are a lot easier to cast

The fact that carbon fibre rods are much lighter than alternative rods comes with benefits beyond sensitivity, even though that is typically the most important factor. It isn't like the weight difference is going to make carrying the rod noticeably easier, but you will start to feel the difference when you're fly fishing, especially if you need to make regular casts. If you're having to hold up the rod all day while casting off at regular intervals, those weight savings can really start to make your experience more pleasurable.

Carbon fibre rods have very fast action

Last but not least, carbon fibre rods will flex along their entire length, with most of that flexing occurring the tip. This means that a carbon fibre rod will be able to go from stiff to flexed and back again very quickly, giving these rods very fast action. This makes them ideal for handling smaller and faster fish since you can jerk on the line and provide pressure almost as soon as one is hooked. Additionally, the added flex will help you cast a little further.

Carbon fibre rods are generally on the more expensive end of the scale, and they aren't as durable as cheaper fibreglass rods. That said, their flexibility, sensitivity, and lightweight construction makes them a prized possession of many fisherman.