Simple Awning Accessories You Must Get

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Simple Awning Accessories You Must Get

24 March 2017
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog

Once you have your pegs, anchors, suckers, or even brackets, you probably feel like you are on the right path to attaining all the necessary caravan awning spares. "Necessary" is a word focused on by many caravaners because life on the road boils everything down to necessity. When buying caravan awning spares, there are many things many people consider absolutely necessary. There are, however, other spares and accessories that may prove useful even though sometimes overlooked by many people. How about you go for the following next time you are buying caravan awning spares and see how incredibly they transform your next caravaning trip.

Luminous or glowing guy lines

An all too familiar experience with caravaning and awning life is the constant unexpected trips on the guy line at night. You cannot see the guy line and so you unexpectedly trip over it damaging something or even adjusting the awning.  Glow-in-the-dark guy lines are the perfect solution to this common phenomenon.

Plastic floor tiles

Real caravaners know how cold sometimes the ground gets under those awnings. Sometimes, even wetness is a nuisance you may have to deal with. Plastic awning tiles are a good idea the next time you go shopping for caravan awning spares. These tiles are easy to clean and they can be assembled and reassembled wherever you want them. They do a good job giving the interior of your awning a real floor-like feel too, making caravaning much more comfortable.

Awning hangers

Awning hangers are rails with hanging clips on them. Surprisingly, many people don't see the immediate need for these spares until when they realize they need them. Every body needs a place within your awning to hang a coat and just relax, or a hat and such garments. Awning hangers are usually installed somewhere along the siding of your trailer so as to ensure the weight on the hanger is not directly pulling down your awning. They come on a variety of size, with multiple hook colors to choose from. They are also quite easy to install and use.


Finally, one of the underrated accessories to have, and shouldn't be, with your caravan awning is a curtain. Awning curtains are ideal for ensuring privacy within your awning; something that sometimes is always lacking when caravaning. There are different styled awning curtains that can be suitable for every other awning style. They also come in a variety of colors to choose from. These and many other simple accessories are guaranteed to give you a better feel on your next caravaning trip.