Three Simple Tips for Beginners to Have a Successful Angling Experience

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Three Simple Tips for Beginners to Have a Successful Angling Experience

23 February 2017
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Angling is one of the best marine sports for experienced and novice fishing enthusiasts. It is a marine sport where participants use fishing lines attached to a hook and rod on either side to catch fish. Bait is attached to the hook to lure the fish. After making a catch, you can either store some for dinner or release them back into the water, what is commonly known as catch-and-release.

Becoming a better angler requires practice and an open mind. A shrewd angler should know something about the size of bait to use and the ideal fishing gear. Therefore, if angling is one of the items on your bucket list this year and you do not know where to start, this article offers a few helpful tips to get you started.

Get Your Gear Ready — You do not want to ruin your fishing experience because you did not carry a particular item. For example, you will need fresh bait from your local bait shop, lines, hooks, and sinkers. If you do not have any of these items, make sure that you try to buy them a day prior to making the fishing trip. Also, ensure that you store your bait correctly to avoid ruining it. You can also pack some fresh water because dehydration should never be an excuse for cancelling a fishing trip. With all items available, you have increased your chances of a successful angling experience.

Target Several Species of Fish — When planning for the fishing trip, never go in with the mentality that you only want to catch a particular species of fish such as tilapia. In reality, the river in question could be brimming with catfish or bass. Nonetheless, beginners should always go for easy pickings to make the sport as memorable and exciting as possible. When your mind is hooked on a particular species, you may soon become frustrated if you do not catch anything.

Never Spook Your Potential Catch — Even though human beings outsmart fish most of the times that does not mean that you will always catch one without a proper strategy. In shallow waters, fish are extremely sensitive to vibrations. To avoid spooking fish, throw the line at the desired location and drop the lure or hooker steadily, making sure there is enough tension in your line. When the fish strikes the bait, which on most occasions is super-fast, be ready to pull the line. Alternatively, if you have a sophisticated fishing gear that comes with a reel, close it as soon as the fish grabs the bait.