Key Features to Look for When Purchasing Trailer Covers

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Key Features to Look for When Purchasing Trailer Covers

19 December 2016
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Trailer covers provide protection to the flatbed and other exposed surfaces from UV radiation which wears the material and fades the paint after constant exposure. Covers also prevent rainwater from collecting on the flatbed and in the crevices and dimples and forming mold and mildew during the cold season. Trailer covers are a worthwhile investment; therefore, it is best not to rush into any purchases without making a few considerations. Here are recommendations on the key things that you should consider if you want to get the most out of the investment.

Custom covers

You can order custom covers that will fit the exact size of your trailer. Although they may be more costly than the ready-made ones, custom covers fit perfectly to the trailer, and they will be less affected by the wind. They also require fewer tie-downs compared to the standard sizes due to their tight fit. You can choose quality and durable material such as canvas that will require minimal maintenance and deliver on performance. The benefits of purchasing custom trailer covers outweigh the initial costs you incur when buying them.

Multiple layers

The number of layers of material used in making trailer covers will determine their durability and performance. Covers with two or more layers are more durable as the extra layers offer protection against premature wear. They also protect the covers from ripping and tearing in inclement weather. Go for covers that have an additional layer of protection from the elements. You may pay more for it, but it will pay off in the long run as you won't have to undergo regular repairs or replacement.

Tie-downs and zippers

Tie downs hold the trailer cover in place and prevent billowing in the wind which could cause them to tear. They are standard features that you should look for when purchasing your covers. Also, look for covers that come with zippers to allow access to the trailer flatbed without removing the entire cover. Zippers are time-saving and convenient as you can quickly load and offload the trailer.

Additional protection

Trailer covers are usually exposed to UV radiation and rainwater, and this can damage them or encourage the formation of mold on the surface due to moisture. Purchasing covers with extra protection features will offer protection from the elements. In this light, consider covers that have UV protection and water repellents. UV protection will prevent sun damage and fading. Water repellents cause the moisture to evaporate on the surface rather than seep through the material and facilitate mold formation.

Whichever trailer covers you choose, make sure that they are suitable for you. Clean and inspect them regularly, and handle small rips and tears before they cause extensive damage to the covers.