Make A Snooter To Control Large Feisty Game Fish

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Make A Snooter To Control Large Feisty Game Fish

28 October 2016
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If you're planning on hiring a fishing boat and taking a trip out into the deep water on the hunt for game fish, you'll need to go properly equipped to handle the really big ones.  No matter how experienced the crew, accidents and injuries do happen while reviving and releasing huge fish from the side of the fishing boat.  To give you more control over the biggest fish during this process, you'll need a snooter.  Here's how to make and use one.

What you'll need

  • a 1m length of 2.5cm diameter heavy aluminium or PVC pipe
  • a rod grip
  • a 2m length of nylon rope
  • two crimping sleeves
  • a 40cm length of heavy, stainless steel cable
  • a drill

How to do it

  1. First of all, you'll need to plait both ends of the nylon rope.  Now twist the rope to form one large loop at one end of the rope and one small loop at the other end.  
  2. Next, drill two small holes in one end of the tubing, large enough to fit the cable.  Pass the cable through the top hole, working from the inside, and then feed it back through the other hole into the pipe.  
  3. Place a crimp sleeve onto the other end of the cable and use the pliers to crimp it tightly into place.  This will keep the end of the cable securely inside the pipe.  
  4. Now put the other end of the piece of cable through the smaller rope loop and use pliers to fasten the crimp sleeve securely.  
  5. Next, take the larger rope loop and push it into the pipe, until it emerges from the bottom.  You may need to tie a piece of string around the rope, drop the string through the pipe and then use it to pull the rope through the pipe.  
  6. Now pull on the rope so that the wire loop passes into the pipe.

To use your new snooter, slip the loop around the game fish's bill about half way down its length.  Pull on the main length of rope to tighten the snooter around the bill and fasten the other end of the rope to a cleat on the boat. 

This should keep the fish stable at the side of the boat while you quickly remove the hook.  When you've removed the hook and the fish has revived, loosen the rope so that the fish can swim away.

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