Selling Food and Living on the Road: Ideas for Wandering With Your Food Truck

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Selling Food and Living on the Road: Ideas for Wandering With Your Food Truck

22 April 2016
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Food trucks are all the rage, and you are ready to take your secret recipe on the road to hit events like the Ultimate Australia Day Food Truck Festival. However, you want a rig that you can work out of and sleep in. Luckily, there are a few different options you can explore:

Hauling the kitchen behind you. 

If you don't mind driving one vehicle and hauling another one, there are a range of ways, you can combine a living space and a food truck. Families or people who want a capacious living area can drive a large caravan trailer that sleeps six to eight people and pull a small food trailer behind them. The trailer can be manufactured as a food truck trailer, or it can be something like a vintage Airstream for two modified into a food cart.

Alternatively, if you want to focus on your business and don't mind small living quarters, reverse the order. Drive a large food truck and pull a small camper behind you.

Drawing a line between work and home.

Alternatively, you can draw a literal and figurative line between work and home by compartmentalising a caravan. For example, imagine you have a large, long caravan. It has a driver and passenger seat in the front, a bunk over those seats, a lounge area with a kitchen, and a private bedroom all the way in the back.

With this much space, you have room to play with. Keep the driving area, bunk, kitchen and lounge as your private quarters. Then, convert the bedroom into a traditional food truck kitchen. Modify the back window so that you can pull it open to hear customers orders, and add an extra door so you can enter and exit without walking through your "home".  

You can play with this idea with a range of styles and sizes of caravans to create the balance that is right for your business, life and budget. For example, you could have the majority of your caravan turned into a food truck, but you could install a bunk above it for sleeping.

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of new caravans that have these features built in, but you can easily buy a used caravan trailer and hire someone to customise it to your needs. To get more ideas about buying or creating a caravan-food-truck combination, contact a caravan salesperson today and learn more.